hormone imbalance


“• High cortisol causes you to feel tired but wired, and prompts your body to store fuel in places it can be used easily, as fat, such as at your waist.
• Low cortisol (the long-term consequence of high cortisol, or you might have high and low simultaneously) makes you feel exhausted and drained, like a car trying to run on an empty gas tank.
• Low pregnenolone causes anomia: trouble finding . . . what’s that again? Oh, the right word. Low levels are linked to attention deficit, anxiety, mild depression, brain fog, dysthymia (chronic depression), and social phobia.
• Low progesterone causes infertility, night sweats, sleeplessness, and irregular menstrual cycles.
• High estrogen makes you more likely to develop breast tenderness, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, and breast cancer.

• Low estrogen causes your mood and libido to tank and makes your vagina less moist, joints less flexible, mental state less focused and alive.
• High androgens, such as testosterone, are the top reason for infertility, rogue hairs on the chin and elsewhere, and acne.
• Low thyroid causes decreased mental acuity, fatigue, weight gain, and constipation; long-term low levels are associated with delayed reflexes and a greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Excerpt From: Sara Gottfried, MD. “The Hormone Cure.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/3QZyG.l


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